Experience Cuba in a classic car.

Everybody’s Got Time to Explore Cuba by Car

Everybody’s Got Time to Explore Cuba by Car

By Lucy Wyndham.

Flight bookings to Cuba have increased by over 25% in the past year, with more families, friends and individuals heading to the popular Caribbean island to experience one of the most well-preserved cultures in the world. While it’s incredibly safe to travel to Cuba alone, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing a culture as rich as Cuba’s with friends and family. If you’re planning on heading to Cuba, why not take time out to explore the island by car? Whether you’re here on business or pleasure, there’s time to cruise down the streets of Old Havana in a classic convertible.

Cruising and Connecting with Coworkers 

So, you’re in Cuba on business? Everybody needs a break from work, but even when you’re on break, you can still enjoy team building activities. Yes, even in a classic car. If you’re part of a travel nursing group that’s been assigned to spend time in Cuba for a special event, for example, or are in Havana for a business trip with colleagues, there’s nothing quite like taking time to explore the island in the company of coworkers. Studies have actually found that adrenaline-producing exercises can create very cohesive teams, and unofficial studies show that cruising around Cuba in a classic convertible produces more than enough adrenaline to bring a team together on any project.

Group Travel Turned Stylish 

When traveling as part of a large group, most people tend to rent a van to travel from place to place. In a place like Cuba where the weather’s so nice and the buildings so historic, that simply seems like an injustice. With so many classic cars still roaming the streets of Havana, they’ve become such a staple of Cuban culture. And, with the ability to book a tour in a classic car or convertible that holds up to five people, it seems like an obvious option for group travel, especially if you’re looking to travel in style. Not only will you get to see all of the major hot spots, but you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the ride while participating in the culture.

Jam-Packing a Short-Stay 

If you’re only in Cuba for a short stay, there’s truly no better way to see all of the standard tourist spots and more than by taking a classic car tour. Not only will you get the experience of touring historical streets in a historical car, but you’ll also find it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to see such hot spots as The Capitol Building, China Town, Revolution Square, Christ of Havana and so much more. With the ability to see a large portion of Havana City in about three hours, touring the tourist spots by classic cars offers a delightful option for even the shortest of stays.

Making Time for Timeless Fun

Classic cars in Cuba are timeless, and that’s exactly why you’ve got time to take a ride in one. Whether you’re traveling to Cuba with coworkers, as part of a group, or even for a quick 24-hour layover, you’ve got the time to travel the island by classic car, even if to snap a few photos and enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair as you zoom past palm trees and ocean views.