Experience Cuba in a classic car.

Celebrating a Vintage Birthday with Vintage Cars

Celebrating a Vintage Birthday with Vintage Cars

By Lucy Wyndham. 

Estimates suggest that there are nearly 60,000 classic cars in Cuba from the 1950s and 60s. While this is a result of a trade embargo placed upon Cuba by the American government, it actually benefited the style of the now popular island. Now used as taxis and show cars, vintage rides are what comes to mind when you think about Havana nights, making them a perfect way to celebrate a special event such as a big birthday. Whether you’re booking one for a photoshoot or driving one around to celebrate yourself in style, there’s nothing better for a vintage birthday than a vintage car.

Planning a Big Birthday Event

There’s nothing bad about turning 50 if you plan the party right. And, what better way to commemorate a classic guy or gal than with vintage cars that exude the same amount of style, taste, and timelessness as they do? Planning a big birthday event in a place as classic as Cuba is great, especially if you plan enough ahead to really do it all with style and grace. Book a classic car tour to see Old Havana in a convertible or take a stroll down all of Hemingway’s old haunts in a car as classic as he was. It’s important to factor in your group size and really figure out where you want to go, what you want to see and how long you want to be inside of a car. Then, plan on leaving some time for photos and bringing along your camera to ensure you get some great shots of the car (and yourself). 

Understand What Classic Car Suits You

Before planning on celebrating your birthday with a vintage car, you’ll want to really assess your style and figure out which car suits you best. From classic convertibles to sedan hardtops, there are a variety of vintage cars in Cuba to choose from, all of which exude a different style and era. Classic Chevys are known to rule Havana to this day, with cars like the Cadillac Eldorado stunting in the streets all over Cuba. However, if you’re not a fan of convertibles, you’ll want to research what other classic cars you’d like to ride in or make a part of your vintage birthday bash. This will mostly depend on the size of your party, whether or not you want to take a spin around Old Havana, or simply want to rent it out as part of timeless, classic party theme to take photos with and use as more of a prop. The options are endless, as are the styles to choose from, but picking the perfect one is really up to personal taste. 

A Timeless Birthday You’ll Never Forget 

If you’re going to be in Cuba on your birthday, especially one as big as a 50th, it’s well worth the time and money to invest in taking a spin around the island in a vintage car. Just as you wouldn’t visit San Francisco without hopping on the tram or NYC without taking a quick ride on the subway, no visit to Cuba is complete without a spin around town in a classic car. Including this ride as part of birthday festivities just seems to really be the icing on the cake and is a recipe for a timeless bash you’re not likely to ever forget.