Frequently Asked Questions

All our prices are per car, NOT per person. Our services are paid in CUC (Cuban Currency) at the end of the tour. Our classic cars fit a maximum 5 passengers and the driver.

You pay in CUC (Cuban Currency) in cash at the end of the tour. We are not allowed to work with other currency.

Currently we can only work with cash CUC.

All our prices are per car. We show the main price for the car and another price for the car with a guide. For example: 3 hours tour without guide costs 90 CUC per car and with English guide it costs 120 CUC per car (90 CUC + 30 CUC guide)

We offer professional guide service in the tour. Our guides speak English and Spanish. We also offer French guide. The guide offers details along the tour and gives information about the city, people, history and culture. They also help you with the pictures. This service costs separated of the regular tour price. The price of this service is 10 CUC per hour in city tours or 80 CUC for 10 hours tour.

Our cars have room for 4 or 5 tourists. The comfort depends on the size of car and people. If you book the guide service there is only room for 4 tourists maximum.

Yes, we are. We are a private Cuban company based in Havana. We are a family-owned business. We employ Cuban drivers and Cuban tour guides. Our agency is not listed among the companies that were restricted by OFAC, which cannot be used by Americans citizens. Our tours are under the "Support for the Cuban People" visa category. OldCarTours has no ties or whatsoever to the Cuban government or any military institution. Our tours can be considered within the category of "Educational people to people travel" because you are interacting with Cuban people, their culture, religion and society. You can read more about us here:

YES, our cars pick up tourists at Cruise Terminal in Havana. Currently we are not allowed to park cars right in front of the terminal entrance so the meeting point is just in front of the Russian Orthodox Church, the one that has golden domes, and is located on the left, very near the Cruise ship terminal. There would be a driver or a guide with a sign with your name at this location. The Church is located around 300 meter / 1000 feet of the cruise terminal main door. This is the Google Map link:

NO, we cannot pick up clients at the airport because the police ban it. The modern taxis have priority there. Regrettably we are not offering this service.