Experience Cuba in a classic car.

What To Pack For Your Cuban Road Trip

What To Pack For Your Cuban Road Trip

Almost 40% of people like to dress better when they are going on vacation, whether that means wearing something new, or putting on a special outfit when they're out for dinner. If you’re exploring Cuba in a beautiful classic car, then you want to make sure that you are dressed the part too. It is really important on your vacation to think about the Cuban climate - go for thin, lightweight garments to create layers, rather than bulky items for winter and cool evenings. In the summer heat, a few stylish shirts or dresses will make the perfect, versatile vacation wardrobe. 

Consider your fabric choice

a hot and humid country, particularly in the summer when the average temperature is 81 degrees and the humidity is around 80%. When you're packing your t-shirts, make sure that you choose fabrics that let your skin breathe. Natural cottons and linen are a good option, as they are lightweight. The same goes with pants: leave the leather pair behind, and instead pack smart cotton chinos that aren’t too clingy. If it cools down in the evening, a thin Murino top will keep you warm and protect you from the insects. 

Dresses and skirts

In Cuba, you don’t need to cover-up: bare shoulders are fine, but don’t wear anything too revealing if you're in a town. If you're planning to do lots of walking and sightseeing, then shorts or long culottes are a better option, just because of the temperature. Don’t be afraid of color in Cuba: it’s a vibrant and fashionable country; you will see this from how the local women dress. Ruffled skirts, flowing dresses and fun Latin American prints are popular, and great for the beach or the restaurant.  

Perfect shoes and hats

Shoe choice is extremely important in Cuba, especially if you are going to be walking around. The pavement and road surfaces aren’t flat; in fact many of them are cobbled, so heels and wedges simply aren’t practical. Flip-flops are fine by the pool, but make sure that you pack sturdy walking shoes or sneakers for your road trip. Rather than packing a hat, why not pick one up at one of the amazing Cuban markets. Of course, a straw fedora is the natural choice for a road trip in style. These first became fashionable in the late 1800s, and are still current today. Panama hats are also very popular - perfect for keeping off the rays of the midday sun, although don’t forget to pack the sunscreen too. 

A great casual shirt

If you want too ooze laid-back chic, then there is one Cuban garment that is an essential: the guayabera shirt, also known as the Havana shirt, is a classic for both daytime and evening. You can buy them with flamboyant, colorful prints, a little reminiscent of a Hawaiian shirt, or you can go for a plain color if you’re out for a sophisticated meal with friends. The shirts are so classic that you’ll want to wear one all year round, not just when you're visiting Cuba. 

When you are on your road trip, embrace the glorious Cuban weather and colorful culture. Pack a few stylish essentials, and you will be ready for any occasion.