Experience Cuba in a classic car.

Tours in Havana city

Tours in Havana city

Havana is a beautiful touristic destination. Havana is warm and welcoming. Its streets, buildings, old cabriolet American cars and urban style appear like the city stopped in time.

One of the most attractive pastimes is riding on a classic convertible American car. Just put the top down and you’ll feel and enjoy better the city’s architecture and its charming crowd.

Visiting Havana today is popular and it is included as main destination for many Caribbean cruisers line. 

Our agency offers a special tour from Havana cruise terminal 

In this tour tourists can visit many areas in Havana city. This is a Havana shore excursion in classic cars. This tour is perfect to introduce visitors to Cuban people, their culture and way of life. This tour is OFAC compliant. This tour almost covers the all about Havana city. Classic car tours are the best way to experience Havana and all it has to offer! 

We also pick-up tourists in Hotels and private accommodations, known as "casa particular". We offer English and French guide service and the cost is separate from our regular tours’ cost.

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