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The Search for Wine in Cuba

The Search for Wine in Cuba

Wine is somewhat of a rarity in Cuba - you are far more likely to see the locals drinking rum and beer. In fact, there are only around 15,000 cases of Cuban wine consumed a year in the country - a drop in the ocean, in comparison to South America. If you are staying at a hotel or an all-inclusive holiday resort, then there may only be a few choices, and the wine is likely to be imported, often from Spain at $2-3 per liter; however, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some good wine produced in Cuba. While you are experiencing Cuba in a classic car, you could have a unique and special tour where hunt for rare and special Cuban wine.

Soroa Wines

Soroa Wines is one of the more well-known wines that you can find in bars and restaurants in Cuba. There red wines are produced from three varieties of grapes, a Temperanillo, a Cabernet and a Negro Amaro. The white wine is made from the Spanish Malvasia Histriana variety. Soroa wines are produced at San Cristobal Wineries in the Artemisa Province. They make a red, pink and white wine, all at 12%. The white wine pairs well with fish, and of course fresh Cuban-spiced seafood. It is light, fresh and fruity, and also goes particularly well with a comida criolla. The deep red wine is great paired with a dark meat dish, like Ropa Vieja. 

Bodegas del Caribe

The Bodegas del Caribe is a joint Cuban-Spanish venture, where they make delicious wines from homegrown grapes of the Spanish variety - they blend this with local grape juice before going through the fermentation and filtration process. The grapes were specifically selected to withstand the hot and dry Caribbean climate. You can buy Bodegas del Caribe wine under the brand of Castillo de Wajay, the most popular being the Tinto, which is made from a Tempranillo blend. The wine isn’t going to win any gold star international awards, but it’s perfectly tasty, good paired with red meat and stews. 

Orestes Estevez wine

If you want to find some completely unique wine, off the beaten track, then you should visit “El Canal” winery  - the home of 65 year old Orestes Estevez in Havana. He has been making wine for more than thirty years. Estevez originally opened his backyard winery back in 2000, in the days when communist Cuba were only beginning to allow private enterprise, away from government restrictions. The winery is now a neighborhood attraction - you will find it by the groups of locals, sitting on the kerbs, drinking plastic glasses of the delicate homemade wine. The wine itself is a secret blend of Cuban grapes, flavored with some unusual ingredients, including beets, guava, watercress and other tropical fruits. You won’t taste anything like it - “El Canal” winery is completely unique and worth the trip. 

You can find beer and rum easily in Cuba, but wine is special and should be savored. When you are heading out in your classic car, enjoy an adventure trying some of the different wines that Cuba has to offer.