Experience Cuba in a classic car.

Most scenic places in Cuba for photography and art

Most scenic places in Cuba for photography and art

By Lucy Wyndham

Imagine cruising around Cuba in a beautiful classic car with the top down, when suddenly, the most inspirational scenery appears. You stop the car quickly, pull out the camera or sketch pad, drawing or snapping away at the image before the light shifts. You feel thankful that Cuba has provided this opportunity. Luckily, there are more than a few places where this will happen while taking an exhilarating car tour around the Cuban island.


This city is amazing for those who love old American cars as much as creating wonderful works of art. Havana has some of the country’s most colorful buildings, old churches, and muraled city streets. It is a collection of old and new, creating the perfect backdrop for images. Further, the car rental companies are ripe with classic American cars, so choose a car, hire a driver, and discover the perfect background to include the car. Add a simple moon, stars, sun or other astral specifics to refine focus and spice up the image. 

La Guarida

This neighborhood can boast some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. The La Guarida is a townhouse-style restaurant in a neighborhood of the same name that includes breathtaking architecture. Book a sunset reservation early, as it is a popular dinnertime location, then arrive two hours before dinner. Discover an artist’s paradise in the streets surrounding the restaurant. Approximately 45 minutes before sunset, go inside to discover some opportune architectural details before heading to the rooftop bar. Bring the tripod or sketch pad and create stunning images as the sun sets from this breathtaking vantage point. 


The feel of this city dates as far back as 1500. The slow pace, colorful buildings and remaining cobblestone streets create an artist’s dream vacation. Venture around the Church of Santa Ana, which is an old ruined church, still holding inspirational artistic value. Hike to the Hotel Las Cuevas, where there will be heightened opportunities to capture the sun setting over the city. Explore Cuban streets where the life of the city thrives and bustles through daily routines. Discover local bakeries, where polite conversation helps gain access into the picturesque baking process. Make sure to check out the lighting opportunities here in the early morning and late in the day as well. Some of the pastel buildings provide a perfect heightened contrast to the waxing or waning light of the day.

The Malecon

This is a public area against the sea. It includes a sea wall and walkway for the public, so the art opportunities here are endless. People frequent this area, either moving between the Vedado neighborhood and Old Havana, or just relaxing. This is another terrific location for old American cars, as they speed along the road near the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Capture some images with a camera for photography or for painting onto canvas later.

Cuba is a treasure waiting to be captured. Grab a favored medium, rent a classic car, and explore the island’s beauty. Visit these areas, and more, to create some stunning pieces of art.