Experience Cuba in a classic car.

Havana tour in vintage car

Havana tour in vintage car

Havana city is fashionable today. Since the conversation between Raul and Obama there are more and more tourists visiting the city, many of them with the idea of “visiting Havana before Americans arrive”.

That may be true, but despite the political focus, Havana is an old city. Almost the 80 percent of the city remains original since the Colonial period until the Communist Revolution at 1959. Therefore the city is old and today due to the crisis, the city is destroyed. This is part of the charm of Havana, the "City of Columns", because during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s there were built many houses with neoclassical style, because Havana was a rich city at that time.

You can see that Havana is vintage and one extra detail are the thousands of old American cars that ride along the city. About 6 years ago people of Havana realized that vintage cars were attractive for tourists so they started to restore them and today there are around 200 classic cars prepared for working with tourists, not only convertible cars but also sedan hardtop cars.  The rank of years of production are since 1920 until 1959. 

OldCarTours invites you to reserve a tour in Havana with a vintage car. We suggest using convertible cars for touring in Havana city, because the best way to see Havana is on convertible vintage cars.